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Supply of Information

If you have information that may be useful for the Internal Security Bureau, contact us any time, calling the anonymous hotline 67209055 or providing information in writing (e-mail address: idb@idb.gov.lv ). We guarantee the confidentiality of the provided information and it's source.

When receiving an application, the officials of the Internal Security Bureau will initiate the investigation of the information provided and in 30 days you will be informed about the decisions taken or the further process.

We draw the attention that the Internal Security Bureau is responsible for detection, investigation and prevention of crimes.

Internal Security Bureau investigates crimes, committed by officials and employees of subordinated institutions (except Security Police) of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as investigating the violence-related crimes, which, in the course of their duties, were committed by prison administration officials with special ranks, employees of the Port Police and the Municipal Police.