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The Internal Security Bureau has detained 4 individuals that are suspected of briberyMarch 17, 2016

The Internal Security Bureau has detained 4 individuals, including 2 officials of the State Police, in connection with bribery. 

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In the visit of the exchange of experience, officials of the Internal Security Bureau met with the delegation of MoroccoMarch 2, 2016

The representatives of the delegation of Morocco were informed about functions, experience and role of the Internal Security Bureau in the field of corruption prevention and combating.

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Daily anonymous hotline 67209055 is activeFebruary 23, 2016

If you have information about the potential crimes of the officials and employees of the subordinate institutions of the Ministry of the Interior, the Internal Security Bureau hotline is the fastest and most convenient way to contact us.

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The Internal Security Bureau representatives participated in the conference on reduction of corruptionFebruary 15, 2016

In the conference the need to draw the public's attention to the negative effects of corruption and to participate actively in reducing corruption was stressed.

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